CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.41 - Released 28 May 2019

What's new in the product?


[CGS-3010] - We've removed the 'Years' metric from the close the loop widget — we recommend not to spend years closing the loop

[CGS-5182] - The "% All" metric in Drivers over Time (Drivers: Line chart) no longer cuts off on 0 values

[CGS-5298] - Widgets that have the Global Data toggle now only show the alert once turned ON

[CGS-5313] - Streamlined various widget specific settings to provide a more consistent experience


[CGS-4527] - The Review Manager has been united with its missing menu


[CGS-5016] - Our Delete/File API can now also delete Revenue Files — handy to clean up mistakes!

[CGS-5019]  - You can no longer unsubscribe whole domains if they're Public Email  Providers (you can no longer unsubscribe everyone with  addresses)

From the Community

Drill-downs on charts!

[CGS-5223][CGS-4379] - Added the ability to drill down on summed metrics in NPS & Tags charts!

Product Improvements


[CGS-5265] - Lifecycle now displays the correct currency

Report Dispatch

[CGS-5278] - Chinese Characters now display correctly in PDF Dispatched Reports


[CGS-5291] - The File/Revenue file always show extra 22 error logs

[CGS-5292] - The POST Workflow API should no longer be returning a "500 Internal Server Error"