CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.40 - Released 8 May 2019

What's new in the product?


[CGS-5166]  - Account Vitals: Added the ability to drill-down on the CG-ID of NPS  Engagement Activities, allowing you to quickly see who completed this  survey!

[CGS-5214] - Greatly improved the usability of NPS Table and Comments Table widgets

From the Community

Delivery Manager Improvements

[CGS-5111] - Made several improvements to the Delivery Manager, greatly improving the usability

[CGS-4412]  - We now validate the From Email before saving, preventing users from  accidentally saving incorrect From email addresses

Export Engine Improvements

[CGS-5076]  - We overhauled the Export Engine user interface, making it a lot  easier to use — including the ability to Select All or Deselect All  fields and additional questions!

Data Admin

[CGS-4891] - Added the 'Delete File' functionality to the Data Admin

Product Improvements


[CGS-5171] - Solved an issue where the Passive driver question would be displayed when a 0 score was given on surveys


[CGS-5147] - The NPS Gauge widget now shows the NPS score when exported


[CGS-5178] - Non-Responses now show up as "Non-Response" rather than "Passive" in search results

Data Admin

[CGS-5149] - Solved an issue where Delete Record would not actually delete records on some systems

Browser Compatibility

[CGS-5151] - Mozilla Firefox: Fixed an issue where you would not be able to Edit widgets

[CGS-5167] - Mozilla Firefox: Fixed an issue where certain icons would not be displayed correctly

Integration Hub

[CGS-5183] - Solved an issue where Hub Element images would not show up correctly