CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.39 - Released 18 Apr 2019

What's new in the product?


[CGS-3075] - Table widgets: Made a lot of improvements to the NPS, Comments, Additional Comments Table widgets

[CGS-5065] - Table widgets: The download button has found a new home in the Widget Actions Menu

IP Whitelist

[CGS-5040] - Show the IP address of the user on the API IP Whitelist page

From the Community

Report Dispatch

[CGS-2605]  - Attachments in periodic emailed reports now carry the Report name,  making it easier to find them back after downloading

Product Improvements

Data Import

[CGS-4811]  - Solved an issue where uploads would result in a 502 Gateway error  when trying to upload transactional survey data via import data


[CGS-5079] - Vitals: the tooltip now shows correctly on all pages in pagination

[CGS-5099] - NPS charts: Dynamic Scale is now working correctly for segments over time

Account Success

[CGS-5095] - Implemented an auto-suggestion box for filters to allow for more than 1000 values

Data Admin

[CGS-5142] - Delete Record: Solved an issue where preview of the record would not show up

[CGS-5059] - Delete Record: You now can delete records that have not been sent to people yet


[CGS-4938] - Solved an issue where publishing a site with an exceptionally long name did not get published