CustomerGauge - Major Release - Version v4.38 Released 3 Apr 2019

What's new in the product?

User Experience

[CGS-4890] - Added support article links throughout the application!

Need help? Quickly access relevant support information throughout the system!

[CGS-5026] - Redesigned widget actions!
Read more about this in our blog post!

Widget actions are now more structured than ever!

Reporting: Account Vitals widget

[CGS-4708] - Added Division based access restriction on Account Vitals

[CGS-4825] - Added Recommended Actions to Account Vitals

Reporting: Account Overview widget

[CGS-4709] - Added Division based access restriction on Account Overview

New: Activities API

[CGS-4930] - Introduced an Activities API to be used to populate Account Vitals

Find out how to use this API with our API documentation.

Account Page

[CGS-4855] - We now display Recommended Actions on the Account Page


[CGS-5002] - Updated icons in Review Manager

[CGS-5015] - You can now style your Reviews Site description using <br/> and <strong> HTML tags!

From the Community

Reporting: NPS

[CGS-5034] - Introduced the Y-axis Scale setting on NPS-only graphs (Dynamic scale or -100 to 100 scale).

Dynamic scale automatically adjusts the Y-axis based on the NPS values displayed;

  • If all values are above 0; the Y-axis shows as 0 to 100
  • If all values are below 0; the Y-axis shows as 0 to 100
  • In all other scenarios; the Y-axis shows as -100 to 100

You can easily choose the Y-axis scale when reporting on NPS

The scale adjusts itself, based on the NPS values!

Reporting: Drill-downs

[CGS-4997] - Non-responses no longer show as Passives in drill-downs

Product Improvements

Delivery Manager

[CGS-3342] - Date fields in the Delivery Manager now always use the "between" operator

Survey Email Sending

[CGS-4706][CGS-4721][CGS-4917][CGS-4763] - Improved speed and stability of survey email sending

User Management

[CGS-4900] - Login Credentials emails should find their way to newly created users once again

Report Hub

[CGS-4606] - Solved an issue on Windows where widgets would float sporadically

Report Dispatch

[CGS-4983] - Widgets are no longer photographed mid-animation (displaying "incorrect" gauges & charts)

Reporting: Hierarchy filter

[CGS-4958] - Long values should now be displayed correctly

Reporting: Lifecycle widget

[CGS-4834] - You can now drill-down in the Lifecycle widget on more than 1,000 accounts

Reporting: Drivers over Time widget

[CGS-4936] - Solved an issue where data would not be displayed when using the "Choose Drivers" setting

Customer Details Page

[CGS-5009] - Sentiments should now properly show up on the Customer Details Page

Account Page

[CGS-4939] - Added pagination to the Contract widget

[CGS-5003] - Remove "Coming Soon" from some widgets

Account Success -> Company Overview

[CGS-4954] - Solved an issue where the Print, and Download buttons wouldn't work