CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.33 - Released 11 Dec 2018

Release Notes: v4.33 Released 11 Dec 2018


Customer Details Page

[CGS-4556] - Some improvements were done to prevent the appearance of unnecessary scroll bars, specially on windows. 

[CGS-4601] - Fixed an issue where 0 NPS score was not showing on the customer history


[CGS-4566] - Fix an issue where comments with apostrophe was breaking on public facing reviews

[CGS-4574] - Improved the division filter of review site creation. Now we also support hierarchy

Account Page

[CGS-4591] - Did some small improvements on the Account Page

Report Hub

[CGS-4602] - Fixed an issue where applied filters was not showing on view mode

[CGS-4613] - Fixed an issue where NPS tables was not showing any data

Advanced Search

[CGS-4612] - Fixed an issue where advanced search was not filtering results