CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.32 - Released 29 Nov 2018

Release Notes: v4.32 Released 29 November 2018


Monetize & Retention Suite

[CGS-4252] - Released Account Page!

[CGS-3881] - We now apply data access restrictions on Account level for Account Churn and Account Page

[CGS-4553] - Introduced Pagination to the Retention: Activity Timeline widget


[CGS-4385] - Create Reviews Summary widget and Review Details table


Report Dispatch

[CGS-4022]  - Configuring when to send a report now takes only one period;  coinciding periods would trigger the same version for the "daily" report  and the "weekly" report (for example).

Report Hub

[CGS-4521] - Drill-downs from the Workflow: Assigned Cases widget should now load correctly

User Manager

[CGS-3945]  - Some user time zones were not working properly; we've ensured  problematic time zones can't be selected anymore (America/Fort_Nelson,  Asia/Atyrau, Asia/Barnau, Asia/Famagusta, Asia/Tomsk, Asia/Yangon,  Europe/Astrakhan, Europe/Kirov, Europe/Saratov, Europe/Ulyanovsk).

Delivery Manager

[CGS-4523] - Solved an issue where using the State field in Recipient Filters would cause template errors

[CGS-4542]  - Using CustomerGauge's "unsubscribe link" merge tag is now optional,  in case you're using an external unsubscribe system


[CGS-4307] - Reviews Improvements and alerts were made to prevent some mistakes from happening

[CGS-4504] - External widgets and Embed code improvements