CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.30 - Released 7 Nov 2018

Release Notes: v4.30 Released 7 November 2018



[CGS-4397] - Added multiple styles of the star rating external widget in the Review Manager

Text Analytics

[CGS-4268] - We now display the Sentiment of a comment on the Customer Details Page



[CGS-4439]  - Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be redirected to the page (after  logging in) you tried to go to without being logged in

[CGS-4416] - Updated the favicon on our platform to be consistent with other CustomerGauge environments

Delivery Manager

[CGS-4447] - We now show the correct sample merge tag for First Name


[CGS-4448] - Solved an issue where the Publish Review Widget in surveys wouldn't display the respondents' name

[CGS-4456] - We now correctly calculate half stars in the star rating

Report Hub

[CGS-4487] - Added padding in Assigned Cases widget

[CGS-4449] - Solved an issue where the Tags Table widget would not apply filters correctly until the entire report was saved