CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.27 - Released 27 Sep 2018

Release Notes: v4.27 Released 27 September 2018


[CGS-3690][CGS-4095] - New Tags widget: Summary

You can now see how many, and which, comments have topics detected through Text Analysis! 

Bug fixes

[CGS-3882] - Fixed an issue where the customer not able to scroll the complete page on IphoneX
[CGS-3992] - Improved our export capabilities for Driver Value
[CGS-4111] - Improved the Scatter chart of order by and order direction
[CGS-4145] - Added number order for Post URL
[CGS-4204] - Added translations for 'Send Preview' button
[CGS-4219] - Improved our manual reminder capabilities
[CGS-4222] - Fixed an issue where the wrong unsubscribe page was showing
[CGS-4223] - Fixed an issue where years on survey footer was being replaced