CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.24 - Released 15 Aug 2018

Release Notes: v4.24 Released 15 Augustus 2018

Delivery Manager

[CGS-4011] Template Editor: Added validation to prevent users from sending out email templates without survey link

[CGS-3972] Template Editor: Test emails now no longer link to a (non-existing) survey


[CGS-3901] Escape characters added to workflow comments when using quotes

Report Hub

[CGS-3856] Drivers Value: Switching value type should keep the equivalent order type

[CGS-3857] Drivers Value: On Specific Primary Driver, user should be able to apply limit

[CGS-3961] Drivers Value: Hierarchy & data access restriction is now working

[CGS-3961] Lifecycle: Hierarchy & data access restriction is now working

[CGS-3964] Fixed an issue where widgets wouldn't be working when grouped by week

Data Administration

[CGS-3836] Data Admin - Anonymize Contact is now limited to Global Admins only


[CGS-3766] Change Anonymize API return messages to "Anonymize" with z instead of s