CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.22 - Released 18 July 2018

Release Notes: v4.22 Released 18 July 2018


Data Duplication

[CGS-3382] Solved an issue where Additional Question answers would be added multiple times

[CGS-3813] Solved an issue where Workflow actions would be submitted multiple times

Data Transport

[CGS-3830] Solved an issue where the Data Transport Report did not display correctly whether Email Sending was ON or OFF

Revenue Upload

[CGS-3828]  Accounts that haven't been surveyed before can now be uploaded with  their revenue (before limited only to accounts that were surveyed)

Export Engine

[CGS-3837] Changed the order for Additional questions in Export Engine to be in line with the order in surveys

Digital Signage

[CGS-2971] Make the example image url for the footer and the background use https instead of http