CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.21 - Released 4 July 2018

Release Notes: v4.20 Released 04 July 2018


[CGS-3753] Introduced a Report setting to show numbers on charts

We  recently refreshed the CustomerGauge look. As part of the update, we  removed the chart numbers on the Report “View Mode” when logged into the  application and only showed them on when you expanded on a widget  (example below), downloaded a graph and the Email version on the report.   Since the update went live, customers sent us feedback that for ease  of use, they’d also like the option to display the numbers on the bar  and line charts on the Report “View Mode” when logged into the  application. 

We  take customer feedback extremely seriously as we believe it is a key  contributor to product quality improvements. Our agile product  development process helps us to act on customer feedback and make sure  we meet your needs. Having taken and acted on your feedback, we added a  new configuration which will allow customers to choose whether they  would like to display the numbers on the bar and line charts with the  switch of a button. 

The Default setting:

By CustomerGauge Reports (Standard Reports) is set to YES (show the numbers on Graphs). This cannot be set to OFF by a user.

Login Dashboards & Users Created Reports:  The Report Setting is set to NO (not to show the numbers on Graphs and  Charts) in View Mode (when logged into the application) on User created  Reports and Login Dashboards. The Numbers are still shown on Widget  Expand View, Download Chart options and the Email version of the reports  (Dispatch report) by default.

If  you want to always have the numbers shown on your charts: Go to the  Report of your choice - > Edit Report option -> Setting Tab ->  Show Numbers on relevant graphs/charts -> Yes or No.

[CGS-3629] Data Administration: Anonymize Contact

We're  happy to announce the Data Administration Functionality! Starting of  with the Anonymize Contact feature, the Data Administration will be a  place for all management to your data that you might need to do in  CustomerGauge.

                    Anonymize a contact easily from within CustomerGauge

You can read more about anonymization and this new feature here!


Report Hub

[CGS-3723]  Solved an issue where Table widgets would show the XML tag label,  instead of the human-readable label for segment fields.

[CGS-3350] Fixed an issue where special characters in Spanish would break.

Delivery Manager
[CGS-3455] Fixed an issue where the Email template editor would need to be refreshed when changing languages.


[CGS-3213] Improved our Workflow API so that 'Close' Events don't cause a duplication of actions.