CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.16 - Released 11 April 2018

Release Notes: v4.16 Released 11 April 2018


[CGS-3063]  Introduce the ability to set a language-neutral reporting value for  additional question answers when building a survey.


Delivery Manager

[CGS-3299] Solved an issue where logos on sample templates would not show.

[CGS-3416] Solved an issue where lengthy filters wouldn't fit in the tooltip.

[CGS-3436] Made several improvements for smaller screens.

Drivers Editor

[CGS-2525] Rephrased tooltips in Drivers Editor to be clearer.

Export Engine

[CGS-3449][CGS-3403] Solved an issue where some exports would get stuck.

Report Hub

[CGS-3435] Solved an issue that would prevent copying a report.

[CGS-3379] Report Hub now shows dates consistently in applied filter information.

[CGS-3409] Increased the Comments widget maximum limit to 100 (up from 50).


[CGS-3381] Solved a rare issue where a hierarchy level would not open to show underlying agents.

Integration Hub: Salesforce

[CGS-3251]  Solved an issue where "Ignore this field" in the filters for Salesforce  integration would block you from editing other filters