CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.13 - Released 28 February 2018

Release Notes: v4.13 Released 28 February 2018


[CGS-3296]  Digital Signage CSS Editor: We've extended the Digital Signage with a  CSS Editor to allow you to style your Digital Sigange to look more in  alignment with your Corporate Branding. If you know CSS, you can style  each Digital Signage you own exactly as you'd want it!

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Delivery Manager

[CGS-2981] Improved the user experience of filtering recipients on both Automated and Manual Campaigns

[CGS-3104] Delivery Manager - Fix an issue where the sent manual campaigns did not show on the list


[CGS-3298] When displaying just NPS on a graph, the y-axis now always ranges from -100 to 100

Account Success

[CGS-3193] Fixed an issue where data in the "Top Companies" summary was missing in the NPS SWOT Report

Digital Signage

[CGS-3297] Update Digital Signage (Loyalty Color for Promoter, Detractor and Passive)  to be more consistent with v4.0