CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.12 - Released 14 February 2018

Release Notes: v4.12 Released 14 February 2018


Advanced Search

Announcing the revamped Advanced Search Functionality!

                    More precise and usable than ever!

Some highlights:

- More fields

- Search for records that "Contains", "Equals", "Starts with", or "Ends with"

- Match any of multiple values for the same field

- Match any combination of fields, or match all of them!


[CGS-3002] CustomerGauge now supports the ability to use the Marketing and Support Ticket Hub (with applications that use OAuth)



[CGS-3159]  To improve reliability and search speed, the Quick Search now searches  for values that "starts with" your search term.

Reporting / Report Hub

[CGS-2902] Product SKU now correctly shows in Customer Details page

[CGS-2878] Made some improvements to the Workflow -> Table widget

Data Transport

[CGS-2876]  'See E-mail' link in Direct Replies now shows the e-mail text contents,  if no HTML version has been provided (before there was no link)

Delivery Manager

[CGS-3181] Made several improvements to SMS templates