CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.10 - Released 17 January 2018

Release Notes: v4.10 Released 17 January 2018


[CGS-3029] Introduced Single Sign-On with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Support Documentation to be released soon! 

[CGS-2882] Drivers over time: Introduced the "% (All)" metric to the Drivers Line Chart

                    Drivers Overtime Widget


User Experience

[CGS-2930] Made some minor speed improvements to Quick Search

[CGS-3087] Improved Spanish and Dutch translations of the application


[CGS-2954] Fixed an issue with exporting table widgets on Internet Explorer

[CGS-2828] Fixed an issue where text would not display correctly when exporting as a PNG image

[CGS-2998] Solved an issue where filtering on an agent in Hierarchy would not work