CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.9 - Released 4 January 2018

Release Notes: v4.9 Released 04 January 2018


[CGS-2548] Improvements made to the Refresh functionality on Workflow Widget on Customer Details Page

[CGS-2914] Made a fix to the Export of Workflow Comments in CSV format

[CGS-2973] Improvements made to the Manual Tag feature on the Customer Details Page

[CGS-2654] Enhanced the Segment Values that can be displayed in the Responses List

[CGS-2999] Improvements made to the Export of Drivers

[CGS-2840] Made a fix to the PDF download of Close the Loop Speed Widget

[CGS-2915] Quick Search now allows searching of Email Address

[CGS-2841]  Close the Loop Speed Widget has been improved to always default to Days  when the widget is step up for the first time.

[CGS-2874] Customer History widget on the Customer Details Field has been changed to show based on Survey completed order.