CustomerGauge Release Notes: v4.6 Released 20 November 2017

Release Notes: v4.6 Released 20 November 2017


Digital Signage

[CGS-1350] We have now added the ability to copy Digital Signages to ensure ease of use.


Task Details

[CGS-2794] Made an improvement to the Group by Segment setting on individual widgets

[CGS-2757] Made a fix to the exporting functionality to ensure the header is visible

[CGS-2743] Fixed an issue on Chrome where exporting a table as PNG, it downloaded an extra image for each time you exported

Report Hub

[CGS-2791] Loyalty colors in the Comments widget has had an improvement.

[CGS-2366] Percentage-based metrics now show as percentage symbol in the NPS -> Table

[CGS-1830] Improved the Filter information to show the Loyalty details on view mode 

[CGS-2435] We now show numbers & percentages in the Answer Pie by default

[CGS-2751] [CGS-2777] [CGS-1472] Made several improvements to the User Interface


[CGS-2779] Fixed an issue where drill-downs wouldn't show any data

[CGS-2718] The list of responses has been expanded to show the information fields


[CGS-2789] Made an improvement on the search functionality


[CGS-2773] Made some improvements to the Export Functionality

Delivery Manager

[CGS-2758] Canceling 'Edit Template' no longer results in a blank screen

[CGS-2272] Recipient filters now display recipients more accurately