CustomerGauge Release Notes: v4.5 Released 01 November 2017

Release Notes: v4.5 Released 01 November 2017


[CGS- 2656] Our Login Page has a new Look!

[CGS-2696] v4.0 application is now available in Dutch, Spanish, German and English Language

[CGS-2722] You can now create Reports (My Reports) with static date ranges in addition to the other available Date options

[CGS-2725] The Report creation now comes with Copy Widget functionality to be able to create reports easier and faster 

[CGS-2723] Table widget column limit has been extended to 12 from 8 columns

[CGS-153] New v4.0 Export Engine Launched!!


[CGS-2355] Improved in-tool display text when a customer does not leave a comment.

[CGS-2428] Improved behavior of the Self-Select Reason widget on the v4.0 Customer Details Page

[CGS-2687] Improvements made to the Integration record pulling functionality

[CGS-2662]  & [CGS-2671] Improvements made to the Account Success Upload and  Reporting capabilities to handle Extra Large data volumes at a time

[CGS-2286] Improvement made to Drop-down usability in IE

[CGS-2240] Improvement to the Delivery Manager Campaign creation flow.