CustomerGauge Major Release v4.3 - Released 04 October 2017

CustomerGauge Major Release v4.2 - Released 04 October 2017


Report Hub


[CGS-2234] Dashboard can now be edited by Global Administrators

[CGS-2434] All Dashboards have a auto reload functionality of once every 2 minutes (up from every 30 seconds)

[CGS-2466] We have made an improvement to prevent the Dashboard from reloading when on Edit mode

Sharing A Report: Report Permissions

[CGS-2376] We have added even more functionality to Report Sharing and Permissions Section of the Report Hub. 

We now offer for our users to have:

  • Private reports
  • Share with multiple groups of people
  • Share with an Individual (IMPORTANT With this release a separate Contributor Section will no longer exist.)

You can get the full overview here.

Other Improvements

[CGS-2566] We have added more filterable fields (Job Level, NPS Type, and Language) in NPS by Segment (v4.0) and custom reports.

[CGS-2593] You can now filter on Agent Name if using "Agent Login"

[CGS-2530] Fixed an issue with the NPS Contribution calculation for Drivers over time

[CGS-2512] Fixed an issue with "Days after survey completed" in the Comments widget

[CGS-2502]  The navigation button to the Report Hub will no longer be available on  Dashboards or for Workflow & Workflow+ users

[CGS-2475] We have made a improvement on the navigation on the responses list in an anonymized system.

[CGS-2460] KPI settings now show the default values when no value is provided

[CGS-2395]  The "Choose a specific Primary Driver" has been extended to work if the  selected primary driver dos not have secondary drivers 

[CGS-2348] The Additional comments has been improved to show the requested information fields in table view

[CGS-2345] Fixed an issues with the date range on line charts 

Customer Details Page

[CGS-2513] Made an improvement to the Days After Survey Completed in the Customer Details Page (v4.0)

Delivery Manager

[CGS-2582] [CGS-2417] Made a fix on the Stats section of Delivery Manager

[CGS-2243] Fixed an issue with the saving of email type on Template editor in the Delivery Manager


[CGS-2609] v4.0 Search has been expanded to allow searching for all time

Other Improvements

[CGS-2599] Fixed a typo in Review Company Details' industries

[CGS-2591] Changed the link to the "Support Page" on the login page

[CGS-2625] Made an improvement to the Hierarchy API to allow you to delete division values containing double quote