CustomerGauge Release v4.2 - Released 6 September 2017

Release v4.2 - Released 6 September 2017

[CGS-2382] Improved the Menu movement for different sections in the Report Hub 

[CGS-2328] Fixed ordering of segment values to be more consistent across widgets

[CGS-2393] Fixed an issue where the Assigned cases wouldn't work for certain users types

[CGS-2482] Fixed an issue on Primary and Reminder Response % metrics
[CGS-2506] Fixed an issue on Workflow metrics calculation

[CGS-2410] The Waterfall chart has been optimized to display special characters like ampersand

[CGS-2418] Drill-downs for "No Value" when grouping by a segment are now functional

[CGS-2421] Made a fix on the total NPS calculation on the Individual Loyalty Spectrum

[CGS-2468][CGS-2481][CGS-2427] Made an improvement to the Drill-downs and loyalty colors of respondents

[CGS-2495] Fixed an issue where adding more than one question without selecting an actual question resulted in "no data"