CustomerGauge Major Release v4.1 - Released 24 August 2017

Release v4.1 - Released 24 August 2017

Report Hub


[CGS-2363] Report Dispatch: PDF Attachment

We're proud to announce PDF attachments in the Report Dispatch.

You can find this option under My Profile; if you change your Report Dispatch Preference to "Attachment PDF", you'll receive all reports you're a recipient off in PDF format. Click here for more information.


[CGS-2441] Added drill-down to the Assigned Cases widget.

[CGS-2465] Made Improvements on Responses and Non-responses loyalty colors and names on drill-down.
[CGS-2445] Solved an issue where numbers and drill-down on Primary Drivers & Secondary Drivers widgets wouldn't match.
[CGS-2444] Fixed an issue on drill-downs on segment values containing ampersand character.
[CGS-2413][CGS-2398] Solved an issue on a limit on the additional question were used for calculation.
[CGS-2349] Made an improvement in case of a division by zero in Table widgets.
[CGS-2347] Improved the order of Other Drivers and Other Contributing Factors

[CGS-1008] Optimised widgets for faster page loading time.

[CGS-2223] Line charts now display numbers in Report Dispatch

Data Transport


[CGS-1290] You can now keep track of Direct Replies using 3 different statuses; Open, Progress, Close. 

[CGS-2232] Direct replies marked as spam can now be managed from the All Time Direct Replies.

[CGS-2037] When drilling down on an upload from the Upload History, you can now only see records you're allowed to see.

For more details, please refer to this support article.

Data Import


[CGS-2359] Long numbers no longer get converted to a scientific format (i.e. 6.00362736207620E+17)



[CGS-2419] The Customer Details Page now only displays the Drivers that the respondent could have selected.

[CGS-2456] Bosnian language now avalialble in the survey previews.



[CGS-2415] Made improvements to the push back of additional questions with no answer.