CustomerGauge Major Release v4.0 - Released 9 August 2017

Release v4.0 - Released 9 August 2017

[CGS 2361] Try out our new configurable Login Dashboard option! We've  given Admins the controls to configure the Landing Dashboard using any  of the widgets in the Report Hub (We have more that 30 different options  for you to choose from!).

                                                                           Completely configure your Landing Dashboard

[CGS 2291] Introduced the Total Case Metric in the NPS Data Source in the Report Hub (v4.0)

[CGS 2360] Improved the Responsiveness of NPS Frequency, NPS Summary, Workflow Summary and Primary Driver's widget

[CGS 966] Made Improvements to the Gauge widget on 4.0 version

[CGS 2384] Improved the NPS Summary Percentage Display Message in the 4.0 version

[CGS 2287] Improved the Assigned Cases Display 

[CGS 2322] [CGS 1506] [CGS 2053] [CGS 2350] Made Improvements to the Report Hub Widgets

[CGS 2343] Increased the Character limit to the Additional Comments widget

[CGS 2377] Made Improvements so the Filter setting is applied for the Login Dashboard

[CGS 2390] Made improvements to the SSO Setting

[CGS 2352] Made Improvements to the Survey Builder - Unsubscribe Page Title

[CGS 174] Survey Delivery Method now visible on the 4.0 Customer Page

[CGS 2346] Applied a fix to the Application Languages Supported