CustomerGauge Major Release v3.11 - Released 26 July 2017

Release Notes - CG Scrum - Version 3.11

Integration – Improvements

[CGS-2257] Improvement on the Integration Hub user interface - users can now easily see their Total Pulls and Pull Type for their integration

My Integration section

Integration – New

[CGS-2034]  The Integrations feature has been enhanced to allow users to able to  track their Pull History and do their own Integration Diagnostics! 

Click here to see the Pull History & Diagnostic Support Page

Integration Diagnostics

My Profile / Users Manager – New

[CGS-2155]  Introduced a new setting in My Profile and Users Manager to control how  the reports of the Report Dispatch are being displayed in the e-mails. 

Click here for more information on how this can work for you.

Report Dispatch Selection (User Manager)

Report Hub (4.0 version) – Improvements

[CGS-2283] [CGS-2239] Line chart – Made some improvements to the ordering & limit of which segment values are displayed

[CGS-2284] Fixed an issue with calculating the KPI Follow Up % and KPI Closed % metrics over time

[CGS-2288] Fixed an issue with the line-breaks in the Comments widget

[CGS-2290] Fixed an issue with Segments over time widget

[CGS-2294] The total for Non Response Rate has now been included to the NPS Table Widget

[CGS-2224] Improved to the Individual Loyalty Spectrum Report the filter information

[CGS-2233] Made an improvement to the Report Dispatch Functionality

[CGS-2008] Made an improvement to the Report Dispatch to respects the user's time zone

Customer Details Page (4.0 version) – Improvements

[CGS-2206] Improvements have been made to the ordering of Additional Questions

[CGS-2182] Fixed an issue with Special Characters used in the Additional Questions

Escalation Emails – Improvements

[CGS-1838] Improvements have been made to how No scores are displayed in the escalation emails