CustomerGauge Major Release v3.7.6 – Released 07 June 2017

CustomerGauge Release v3.7.6 – Released 07 June 2017

New Releases:

[CGS  232] All numbers on all widget options in User Created Reports (Custom  reports) can also be clicked on to see the underlying details (Report  Hub). This was previously only available on Standard Reports

                                                                Clickable Numbers on User Created Reports

[CGS 2029] Introducing the Loyalty Spectrum (Individual) Widget on the Report Hub - NPS Data Source

                                        Loyalty Spectrum Individual Widget (Report Hub)


[CGS 2018] [CGS 2025] [CGS 2069] Applied Fixes to the Waterfall Report (4.0 version)

[CGS 2067] Improvements made to the Gauge Widget responsiveness (4.0 Version)

[CGS 1970] Improvements made to the visually indicate deactivated users in the Report Hub Dispatch List (4.0 version)

[CGS 2051] Improvements made to responsiveness of the Table widget row height (4.0 version)

[CGS 2081] Fixed an issue where quarters wouldn't display data correctly on the NPS Trend slide on our Digital Signage