CustomerGauge Release v3.7.5 – Released 01 June 2017

 CustomerGauge Release v3.7.5 – Released 01 June 2017

[CGS  2032] An update has been to the Data Transport report. It will report  on Email Numbers only. For SMS numbers please check the SMS report. 

[CGS 1860] An update as been made to emails templates title field to allow usage of & symbol in the title

[CGS 2018] Fixed an issue on the NPS Frequency report (4.0 V) Drill Downs.

[CGS 2035] Icelandic Language now added to the Driver's Editor Feature

[CGS 2064] Fixed an issue with Drill Downs and Pagination

[CGS 1996] Applied a fix to the Comments Widget Limit Setting in the Report Hub