CustomerGauge Release v3.7.2 - Released 15 May 2017

Release Notes - Scrum - Version 3.7.2


[CGS-1939] 3.0 Waterfall Report: Fixed an issue where drivers wouldn't be grouped together correctly.
[CGS-1836]  Report Hub, Additional Questions Reporting: The survey page and  question id are now displayed in the question selection to help identify  questions. We also now display the survey page in the filter  information for selected questions. 

[CGS-1944]  Report Hub, Additional Questions Reporting: We now display the "0"  score row in the Frequency widgets, even if no one gave that score.

[CGS-1946] Report Hub, Custom HTML: Images and HTML should now show correctly.

[CGS-1895] Report Hub: You should now be able to correctly order by NPS descending order (high to low).

[CGS-1941] Report Hub: Fixed an issue with the Workflow KPI calculation

[CGS-1950] Report Hub, export chart image: Improved the stability of chart's "export as PNG/PDF/etc." functionality.

[CGS-1860]  Delivery Manager: Made fixes on handling of Ampersand (&) symbols  in e-mail template titles that prevented them from being loaded.

[CGS-1892]  Delivery Manager: Made improvements with regarding to handling of  Apostrophe (') symbols used in e-mail template titles.

[CGS-1893] Digital Signage: Made improvements to the Profanity filter on the digital signage.

[CGS-1942] Upgraded the Contact Us link inside the application