CustomerGauge Major Release v3.7 - Released 2 May 2017

Major Release - Release Notes - Scrum - Version 3.7

CustomerGauge 4.0 Feature Release

1. New: Report Dispatch 

[CGS-916] Send your Report Hub reports on a periodic basis!

2. New: Customer Details Page Revamped

[CGS-1701] The Customer Details Page carries the new 4.0 look fully mobile optimized

3. New: Workflow KPIs

[CGS-72]  Added Workflow KPI to Workflow Summary widget in the Workflow data  source (soon to be added in over time widgets as well!)

[CGS-72] Added Workflow KPI settings in Settings tab in Report Hub custom reports

4. New: Basic Search

[CGS-1571] Introduced Basic Search in the new interface

General Fixes and Improvements 

[CGS-1763] Implemented a fix on Apostrophes causing issues in Report Hub

[CGS-1796] Made improvements to the e-mail templates for the E-mail client Office 365 

[CGS-1148] Fixed an issue where e-mail templates wouldn't properly save in Delivery Manager

[CGS-1680] Fixed a rounding error in Report Hub vs Report Designer

[CGS-1412] SMS Report: Added Cumulative Response Rate

[CGS-1831]  Customer Details Page: Fixed an issue where the division value would  show the id instead of the value (CG 4.0 Version)

[CGS-1835] Rating Question Frequency: Fixed an issue where scores of "0" didn't show up (CG 4.0 Version)

[CGS-1167] Improved the User Login Information to now include email address as well 

Coming Soon!

- Drill-down on almost every cumulative number, including additional questions!