CustomerGauge Release v3.6.5 - Released 12 April 2017

Release Notes - Scrum - Version 3.6.5


[CGS-1730]  Improvements made to the Upload History widget (Report Hub) and In-App  Upload for systems that are using Division based login access

[CGS-1736] Applied fixes on the client names display in the 3.6 interface

[CGS-1741] Fixed an issue with the Issue Analysis Matrix Report on the driver grouping

[CGS-1076] Removing a HTML Box widget in the Survey Builder no longer affects the ability to drag/drop

[CGS-1696] Fixed a compatibility issue with Internet Explorer 11 where multi-select filters would not be applied

[CGS-1186] Removed the possibility to filter using NPS Score in Delivery Manager if the system is on anonymous mode

[CGS-1260] Removing a segment's target value no longer removes it for other segment's targets in the Targets Manager

[CGS-1412] Made several improvements to the SMS Report and its calculations

[CGS-1470] Improved the tooltip for the Close Loop Speed widget

[CGS-1509] Made improvements to the Date ranges - it should now be correctly extended when grouping by date

[CGS-1533] Improved responsiveness of the Report Hub - Report Number section

[CGS-1610] Streamlined the Close Loop Rate and Workflow Summary widgets to report in the same manner

[CGS-1613] Inherited filters are now correctly displayed in applied filter information

[CGS-1614] Applied a fix in the Survey Builder where the HTML Box would not save correctly

[CGS-1673] Custom HTML widgets are now correctly copied over when copying a report in Report Hub

[CGS-746] Applied a fix on the Workflow metrics in Account Success' Company Details

[CGS-1601] We will now only warn you when you're about to leave and have actual changes to your report (Report Hub)