CustomerGauge - Major Release - Version v3.6 Released 27 February 2017

Release Notes CG Scrum Version v3.6

1. General Fixes:

  • [CGS-918]: Fixed Issue with GET API Error Logs and reasons for Manual Uploads
  • [CGS-1020]: Fixed Issue with Export of search results
  • [CGS-1279]: Fixed issue when using apostrophe in Email Subject line
  • [CGS-1355]: Ukranian added to the Driver Language List
  • [CGS-1369]: Hebrew added to the list of languages supported
  • [CGS-1280], [CGS-573], [CGS-880] - Improvements to the Admin User Interface

2. Launch of CustomerGauge 4.0 version

  • [CGPLATFORM-469] New Layout, Widescreen
  • Loyalty colors refreshed – Red for Detractor, Grey for Passive and Green for Promoter
  • Reporting capabilities fully responsive – use on Mobile, tablet and Desktop
  • Expandable/Collapsible side menu bar
  • In-tool link to Support Site/Support Ticket system

                                                            New Layout

3. Features moved to CG 4.0 version

  • [CGP-474], [CGP-479] Delivery Manger
  • [CGP-476] Drivers Editor
  • [CGP-475] Integrations
  • [CGP-471], [CG-472], [CG-473] Account Success Reporting Section
  • [CGP-477] Account Overview (Usage Reporting)

                                                   Expandable Menu

4. Launch of the new Report Hub (available on CG 4.0 for Admin Level Users)

Report Hub

  • The Report Hub carries Reporting sections for ease of use – [CGS-20] Dashboards, [CGS-22] Reports By CustomerGauge, [CGS-21] My Reports, Collaborative and [CGS-25] Shared reports
  • Dashboards section – carries the configurable Login Dashboard
  • "Reports By CustomerGauge" section  carries 7 standard reports - NPS Report, Responses Report, NPS by  Segment report, NPS Evolution Report, NPS Frequency Report, Self-Select  Report and Waterfall Report in the CG 4.0 version
  • "Reports By CustomerGauge" section – Waterfall Report Calculation has been enhanced – now include other contributing factors
  • My Reports Section – allows the user to create and view the user created reports
  • Collaborative Section – access reports the user has been made a contributor to
  • Shared Reports – access reports that have been shared with the user
  • [CGS 858] The Report Hub Search function allows to search for reports using the report name, creator name and filter information

                                                        The Report Hub

Report Filtering 

  • [CGS-1044], [CGS-1052]  Announcing the introduction of Multi-Select filter option for filtering  of Segment values in Reports. Available on all standard reports, user  created reports and reporting widgets
  • [CGS-1496] - Standard Reports now include Quarter Reporting Increment option
  • [CGS-267] Introduced Segment filtering (including Multi-Select) on reporting for CES, CSAT, Rating and Multi-select Survey Questions
  • [CGS-1492] All user created reports can now use the On-the-fly filter option

                                                Multi-Select Filtering on reports

Reporting Widgets

  • Introducing new reporting widgets to the  Report Hub (in addition to the ones that were available in the Report  Designer 3.0 version). The new widgets include – Response Rate Gauge [CGS-1458], Close Loop Speed [CGS-1484], Close Loop Rate Gauge [CGS-1458], [CGS-1255] Account Retention, [CGS-1255] Customer Retention, [CGS-1255] Account Churn, [CGS-1255] Customer Churn and Coverage [CGS-1370]
  • Enhanced Widget configurability  - [CGS-732][CGS-911] Flexible Widget height/width setting, [CGS-1253] Hide/Show the Filter Information at a Report level/Widget level
  • [CGS-81] Enhanced Metric selection on NPS widgets – Select up to 5 metrics to report on in one chart

                                Highly configurable - User created Dashboard

Upcoming Features/Improvements to the Report Hub:

  • Ability to Drill Down on all numbers on all Standard and User Created Reports - Table/Summary/Frequency Widgets
  • Displaying Totals on all Table widgets
  • Additional Comments Widget
  • Custom HTML Widget
  • Filters on Assign Case Widget