There are two steps needed in order to create a Connected App in CustomerGauge

  1. Create a Connected App in Salesforce to generate Client ID and Secret. Step by Step guide here and here.

    1. Under Setup → Apps → App Manager → New Connected App

      1. Enable OAuth Settings

      2. Add all OAuth Scopes to Selected

      3. Enable Client Credentials Flow

    2. After you’ve created the App go back to App Manager, find your App and click View.

      1. In the API (Enable OAuth Settings), click on Manage Consumer Details. Save Consumer Key and Secret somewhere safe, you’ll need it in CustomerGauge

    3. Now go to Connected Apps → Manage Connected Apps

      1. Find your App and click on edit

      2. Add User in the Client Credentials Flow

  2. With the details in hand, in CustomerGauge’s menu go to Integrations → Connected Apps

System: Other

Name: Give the name to your Authentication. This App can be reused so give it a good name.

Grant Type: Client Credentials

Access Token URL: https:// yourdomain

Client ID: in Salesforce is Consumer Key

Client Secret: in Salesforce is Consumer Secret

Scope: leave empty