This option can be used for survey feedback collection where contact info is known and you would like to use a unique link per respondent, but you would like to deliver the surveys via a mechanism that is external from CustomerGauge's offerings.

How to Setup:

  1. Setup Survey and Upload Records with “Rich Segment data” to CustomerGauge by Excel or CSV (or from your CRM system)
    • [Mandatory]The file must include a Date of creation. (use “Email Sent Date” in the data uploaded). This will enable the system to create survey links for the contacts without sending a survey to the customer directly. Do NOT include an NPS or a Survey Completed Date – only an Email Sent Date so that our system recognizes these as "non-responses" and generates the survey link.
    • File can contain info of contact name, email, survey type, account, account manager, service engineer, location, site, job level of contact, country etc.
    • Data can be used to show the correct tags on the survey - example Account Name
    • Upload Data as Historical Data Upload (non-responses) to generate survey links without sending survey
    • This survey brand can be differentiated by including “Survey Type” in the Data
  2. Account Manager or Service Engineer Admin can take the relevant survey link from the Non Response Report in CG to share with the customer respondent
    • Results will be recorded against that account and respondent
    • Allows to track response rate and customer history
  3. Track ‘Response Rate’ and ‘Lack of Engagement’ from inside the system. Be able to spot key strategic accounts have NOT been surveyed yet! 
  4. Scalable solution that can be accessed from anywhere