Activity Tracking

You can set up a Webhook to pull ticket information from Freshdesk to CustomerGauge for example when a new ticket is created or when a ticket is closed. This allows account managers get 360 view of the health of their accounts and mitigate any support issues that could lead to the churn of the customer.

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How to set it up

  1. Set up in CustomerGauge
    • Go to Data → Integrations in CustomerGauge and click the "Webhooks" tab. 
    • Press the "New Webhook" button in the top-right corner.
    • Select "Freshdesk"
    • Give your Webhook a descriptive name, and select the Data Type "Activities - Tickets" and press the Add Trigger button.
    • Copy the Webhook URL, Username, and Password to a safe place.
    • Your webhook is automatically turned on — Make sure to Disable the webhook if you'd prefer to keep it turned off for now.
    • You can now set up your webhook in Freshdesk (see below).
  2. Set up in Freshdesk
    • Access the Automations Page from the Admin section.
    • In the Ticket Updates tab, add a "New rule".
    • Give your Rule a name that you can recognize among your other Rules.
    • We usually leave the "When an action performed by..." set to the default "Agent: Any", but feel free to adjust to your business needs.
    • In the "Involves any of these events" section, we'd add the conditions "Status is changed From Any status to Closed" and "Status is changed From Any Status to Resolved" — but feel free to adjust to to your business needs.
    • Optionally, you could add some additional filters in the "On tickets with these properties" section.
    • In the "Perform these actions" section, select "Trigger webhook" from the "Choose Action" drop-down.
    • Change the Request type to PUT.
    • In the URL field, paste the Webhook URL you copied over from your CustomerGauge webhook.
    • Enable "Required authentication", select "I have username & password", and paste the Username and Password you copied over from CustomerGauge appropriately.
    • In Encoding select JSON, and in Content select Advanced.
    • In the textarea that appears, add the following snippet;
        "account": "{{}}",
        "reference": "freshdesk-reference-{{}}",
        "type": "Support Ticket",
        "contact": "{{ticket.from_email}}",
        "additional_information_array": {
          "Subject": "{{ticket.subject}}",
          "Requester_name": "{{}}",
          "Agent_name": "{{}}",
          "Url": "{{ticket.url}}",
          "Priority": "{{ticket.priority}}",
          "Status": "{{ticket.status}}",
          "Solution_type": "{{ticket.solution_type}}"
        "happened_at": "{{ticket.created_on}}"
      You can enrich the "additional_information_array" with additional information that you think is important to add to CustomerGauge.
    • Click the "Preview and save" button, turn on your Rule, and you're all set up!