Activity Tracking

You can set up a Webhook to pull login information from into CustomerGauge.

This can be used to bring vital logins activities from Pendo into CustomerGauge to be displayed on the Activity Timeline along with other vital signals of retention. This empowers accounts managers and allows them to easily track which accounts are using their platform or application and which accounts are not.


  • Pendo's Track Events code in your software (If you don't already do this!)
  • Webhooks enabled in your Pendo subscription
  • Admin role in CustomerGauge

How to set it up:

  1. Before creating your Webhook
    • Set up a Track Event for the activity you'd like to track — for example, as part of the Login process of your software. Please note that the Classification name of the Activity will be set through the value of "event" in the Track Event code snippet.
  2. Set up in CustomerGauge
    • Once set up, go to Data → Integrations in CustomerGauge and click the "Webhooks" tab.

    • Press the "New Webhook" button in the top-right corner.
    • Select ""
    • Give your Webhook a descriptive name, and select the Data Type "Activities - Track Events" and press the Save button.
    • Copy the Webhook URL and Secret to a safe place.
    • Your webhook is automatically turned on — Make sure to Disable the webhook if you'd prefer to keep it turned off for now.
    • You can now set up your webhook in Pendo (see below).
  3. Set up in Pendo
    • Visit the Webhooks feature (Settings > Integrations > Webhooks tab), and press the Add Webhook button in the top-right corner.
    • Give your Webhook a descriptive name, so that you can recognize it in Pendo.
    • Select the Type "URL"
    • In the URL field, paste the Webhook URL you copied over from CustomerGauge.
    • In the Secret field, paste the Secret you copied over from CustomerGauge.
    • In Events, select "Individual Event Categories", followed by "Track Events".
    • Save your Webhook, and make sure to Enable it.
    • With both the Webhook in CustomerGauge and Pendo set up, and enabled, you're all ready to go!