How to setup?

  1. "When this happens..."
    1. Choose App & Event
      1. Choose App: Freshdesk
      2. Choose Trigger Event: Update Ticket
    2. Choose Account
      1. Select an existing Freshdesk account from the drop-down, or;
      2. Select "Add a New Account" from the bottom of the drop-down
      3. A pop-up window appears, in which you'll need add your Subdomain, and API Key, which can all be obtained from Freshdesk.
        1. Subdomain: This is the part of the Freshdesk URL between "https://" and "" when you're looking at the URL in your browser while logged in to Freshdesk.
        2. API Key: Obtain this by going in Freshdesk to your Profile Picture (top right) → Profile Settings, and copy your API Key.
    3. Find Data
      1. Click the Test & Review button
      2. Go to Freshdesk, and change a ticket to Closed
        1. Tip: Prior to changing the status, check if Zapier is still looking for sample data
      3. Zapier should pick this up (this can take a few minutes) automatically, and use it as sample data
    4. You can now move to the "do this..." step
  2. "Do this..."
    This is an optional step, but probably wanted unless you'd like to update the Activity dot on anyticket change.
    1. Choose App & Event
      1. Choose App: Filter by Zapier
      2. Filter Setup & Testing
        1. Only continue if... "Status", "Exactly Matches", "5" (this could be any other status id you have in Freshdesk, if you'd prefer)
          1. Freshdesk's standard status ids are as follows:
        2. Add more conditions as suits your need
  3. "Do this..."
    1. Choose App & Event
      1. Choose App: CustomerGauge
      2. Choose Action Event: Update/Create Activity
    2. Choose Account
      1. Select an existing CustomerGauge account from the drop-down, or;
      2. Select "Add a New Account" from the bottom of the drop-down
      3. A pop-up window appears, in which you'll need to log into your CustomerGauge account
        1. Tip: rename your newly created account to something you'll recognize in the future
    3. Customize Activity
      Please note: fields may vary based on Freshdesk setup, and business needs
      1. Account: Choose the field representing the Account Name (we used Requester Company Name)
      2. Contact: Choose the field representing the Contact's Email Address (we used Requester Email) — this is optional
      3. Activity Type: Type in what type of activity this represents — we chose to go for "Support Ticket". This will be displayed as a line in the Activity Timeline.
      4. Activity Reference: Choose the field representing the unique event (we used Ticket ID) — this is optional if creating, but required to update an existing activity
      5. Activity Source: Type in the name of the system (we wrote Freshdesk)
        1. Tip: if using multiple Freshdesk feeder systems, name it accordingly, for example "Freshdesk EU"
      6. Activity Date/Time: Type in the merge tag "{{zap_meta_iso_utc}}" — this will send the date/time of the moment this Zap gets triggered.
      7. Additional Information: You can choose to provide more information attached to this Activity. For each additional information item, you'll need to fill in both the "Additional Information Label" and corresponding "Additional Information Value". Some examples for this recipe are;
        1. Additional Information Label 1: "Subject", Additional Information Value 1: select Subject from the Freshdesk fields
        2. Additional Information Label 2: "Priority", Additional Information Value 2: select Priority from the Freshdesk fields
        3. Additional Information Label 3: "URL", Additional Information Value 3: select URL from the Freshdesk fields
          Tip: if we recognize that a value is a URL, we automatically turn that into a link, allowing you to quickly access the relevant Ticket!
    4. Send Data
      1. You can choose to Test & Review, to see if the Activity gets created in your CustomerGauge system.
      2. When happy with your setup, turn your Zap ON, and you're all done!


Where can you track it in CustomerGauge?

You can track the activities in the Activity Timeline Reporting Widget in your CustomerGauge System. You can add this widget to any report of your choice. 



Activity Timeline 



The Freshdesk tickets will appear here - zoomed in view