Are you using another tool to track your close-the-loop process? You can synchronize that follow-up with CustomerGauge through Zapier, so whenever there's an update from your other system, your users in CustomerGauge would be able to see that as well!

Set up a triggering Zapier App

In the "When this happens..." step when setting up a Zap, search for your triggering app, and set it up as fits your needs.

If you're looking for inspiration or some common use cases, check out our cookbook!

Choose the CustomerGauge Zapier App

In the "Do this..." step when setting up a Zap, search for "CustomerGauge", and select the CustomerGauge app.

Configuring the "Change Fire-Fighting Status" Action

To change a Fire-Fighting Status through Zapier, you will need to select the "Change Fire-Fighting Status" Action.

In the action, you're required to have the related CG-ID, and probably the new Status, but other options are available too. Please do note that the Status is limited to Open, Progress, and Closed.