CustomerGauge Release Notes v4.44 - Released 12 July 2019

Modified on: Fri, 12 Jul, 2019 at 2:14 PM

What's new in the product?

Unsubscribe and Bounce Report

[CGS-5419] - The Unsubscribe and Bounce report has been moved to the new interface!


[CGS-5514] - The Workflow > Table settings have been streamlined to provide a more consistent experience

From the Community


[CGS-5408] - NPS > Table: Added Page Size to each table variant (Group by Date, Group by Segment, Group by Date & Segment), allowing both in-application, and Dispatched reports to show up to 100 rows

Product Improvements

Drivers Editor

[CGS-4604] - Solved an issue with dragging and dropping inactive drivers

Revenue Upload

[CGS-5382] - Revenue uploads no longer retry upon failure

Editing Manual Tags

[CGS-5452] - Solved an issue where editing Manual Tags not saving would not save if any of them contained an apostrophe

Export Engine

[CGS-5473] - Exporting sku_id should no longer take a very long time

Native Integration

[CGS-5493] - Native Integration no longer skips hourly pulls at 1am

[CGS-5465] - Native Integration automatic pulls now pull more than 2000 records, if there are more to pull

Company Overview

[CGS-5524] - Job Level now shows only 1 of each unique value


[CGS-5380] - If the hide info is ON then we no longer show the "Fields to Display" setting for Comments and Additional Comments widgets

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