Slice and dice into the vast numbers of insights you get using CustomerGauge's Drill-Down on Charts option.

With this functionality you will be able to drill down on any of the charts in the NPS data source, the Scatter Chart and Sentiment Breakdown. 

For example, you can click on any summed number (applicable list below) displayed in column, lines, and scatter charts of NPS and Tags data sources, and get the list of (non-)responses that make up the number. That will save you time searching through reports to find the corresponding number in a table - simply click the bar, point, or scatter dot. 

Here's a short video that shows you how the Drill-Down on Charts works:


In chart widgets from the NPS data source, you can drill-down on the following 16 metrics:









Primary Sent

Reminder Sent

Primary Response

Reminder Response

Total Cases

Open Cases

In Progress Cases

Closed Cases

The 5 metrics you can drill-down on, on charts, in the Tags data source are:


Positive Sentiment

Negative Sentiment

Mixed Sentiment

Neutral Sentiment

(You could already drill-down on these, plus Promoter, Detractor, Passive, in the Table widget in the Tags data source)