You can now manage your more advanced Salesforce integrations within CustomerGauge, allowing you to pull, flag, and push multiple objects at once.

Please note that this is a highly technical feature, and is not available by default. If you have a Salesforce Developer Team, you can contact your CSM to get this feature activated.

Once activated, you'll be able to set up your Native Integration with Salesforce in the Integration Hub.

Integration Hub

Connect to Salesforce in the Integration Hub

In the Integration Hub, you will find various external systems to which you can connect from CustomerGauge. To start setting up a Native Integration with Salesforce, make sure you're the CRM Hub, and click the Connect button in the Salesforce Native Integration option. You will be guided through the various steps of setting up your Native Integration:

  1. Integration Details
  2. Authentication
  3. Pull criteria
  4. Flag criteria
  5. Push criteria
  6. Diagnostics
  7. Examples
  8. Troubleshooting

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