Sentiment Breakdown: 

Allows you to display sentiments per topic in either absolute numbers, or percentages.

To add this visualization to your Report, Go to Add Widget -> Tags Data Source -> Sentiment Breakdown.

Report View Mode:

Report on absolute numbers...

... or report on percentages!

Widget Edit Mode:

General Settings:

Widget name: The name of your widget; give a short descriptive name.

Widget width: How wide this widget will be in blocks (out of 12).

Widget height: How high this widget will be in blocks (out of 12).

Show applied filters info: Whether to show filter information in the widget or not.

Date Settings:

Allows you to configure at which date range you'd like to look at.

Filter Settings:

Allows you to filter your data to only look at a certain part of your data.

Widget specific settings:

Mode: Allow you to choose whether you'd like to report on absolute numbers (Numeric), or percentages (Percentage).

Order By: Alphanumeric or any of the sentiments

Order Direction: Ascending (Low to High, A to Z) or Descending (High to low, Z to A)

Limit: How many topics are being displayed