Scatter chart: 

Allows you to display the Frequency versus NPS per topic.

To add this visualization to your Report, Go to Add Widget -> Tags Data Source -> Scatter chart.

Report View Mode:

Widget Edit Mode:

General Settings:

  • Widget name: The name of your widget; give a short descriptive name.
  • Widget width: How wide this widget will be in blocks (out of 12).
  • Widget height: How high this widget will be in blocks (out of 12).
  • Show applied filters info: Whether to show filter information in the widget or not.

Date Settings:

  • Allows you to configure at which date range you'd like to look at.

Filter Settings:

  • Allows you to filter your data to only look at a certain part of your data.

Widget specific settings:

  • Tag Type: Allow you to choose whether you'd like to report on All (both Tags and Topics), Tags (Manual Tags), or Topics (Text Analytics).
  • Order By: Frequency, NPS, or Alphabetical; this setting, in combination with Order Direction, you can decide which topics you'd like to see. This setting is really useful if the Limit is less than the the number of bubbles you would have, as it allows you to show your Top 5 Tags or Topics, for example.
  • Order Direction: DESC (High to low, Z to A) or ASC (Low to High, A to Z)
  • Limit: How many "bubbles" you want to see in the chart