In order to continually improve and provide the highest levels of data security, we will be updating our CustomerGauge infrastructure.


Our intention is to make this update as smooth as possible for you, our users, but you may notice a change in the structure of the CustomerGauge 'URL' in your address bar.


URL Information:  will become will become will become


Update Date/Time:

AU: 01:00am AEDT 25 May 2018

US: 04:30am EDT, 25 May 2018

EU: 07:30am CET, 28 May 2018


How does this affect me?


  • For users that have 'Remember password' setting enabled in browser: The first time you access the new login URL, your browser will not be able to remind you of your CustomerGauge login credentials. However, this is just a one time issue. Simply login by typing your user name and password, and your credentials will, thereafter, be remembered again. If you can't remember your credentials, try entering the first few characters of your username (it should auto-complete) and then click the password reset link.
  • For users that have saved Bookmarks to particular CustomerGauge pages: You will be automatically redirected to the equivalent page with the new URL structure, but we recommend re-saving bookmarks in the new format to speed up page load times.