List of the available Visualization and Metric under the Workflow Data Source.

                                                                                            Workflow Data Source Visualization

Workflow summary
This widget gives you a summary of the Workflow Numbers.
The Metrics displayed
  • # Total Cases
  • Open Cases
  • Progress Cases
  • Closed Cases
  • KPI: Follow-up
  • KPI Closed

Assigned cases
This Widget shows you the list of cases assigned to the current user.

This is a personalized widget based on the user access - will show the user only cases assigned to the user.

Close loop speed
This widget will show you how quickly your organizations is taking to close the loop (Hours, Days or Years).

You can choose to see the information by

  • Loyalty (Promoter, Detractor, Passive)

  • Segment (Pick a segment by which you would like to see the infomation to be displayed in a comparative format)

Close loop rate
This widget will show you the rate at which you are closing the cases.

Use this widget to show the following information:

  • # Total Cases
  • # Open cases
  • # Progress cases
  • # Close cases
  • KPI: Follow-up
  • KPI: Closed

Use this widget to show the following information:

  • Workflow general
  • Follow-up requested
  • Assigned cases
  • Unassigned cases