The below article and video takes you through how you can configure your landing dashboard to make the information relevant for your Users. You have the possibility to configure the Landing Dashboard for each individual User Role (Admin, User, Workflow and Workflow +).

Watch the Video:

Steps to configure your Landing Dashboard:

  1. Go to the Dashboards section in the Report Hub. Click here to view a video on the different sections
  2. Look for the Landing Dashboard options in the list of Dashboards you would like to configure. The options available for you to configure are:
    • Admin Landing Dashboard 
    • User Landing Dashboard 
    • Workflow Landing Dashboard 
    • Workflow+ Landing Dashboard 
  3. You can edit the Dashboard just like you edit any report (choose from more that 30+ reporting widgets from the Report Hub)
  4. Apply any changes you wish to make
  5. Once ready, please contact your CSM so we can enable the relevant version for your users.


Global Admins will be able to view all Dashboard Types. 

The Dashboards will only work for the respective user types related to the Dashboards. For Example - Using an Admin Dashboard option for the User role will not work.