To connect your CustomerGauge account to a Zendesk account you can use CustomerGauge API and Zendesk Target Extension. By doing this, an NPS survey can be sent via CustomerGauge for triggers setup in Zendesk.

The purpose of this tutorial is to send an NPS survey every time a ticket has been resolved.

Important: Due to being unable to provide Header information through Zendesk's Extensions -> Target feature, authentication is only possible through our v4.0 APIs (which are due to be deprecated on November 15th, 2019). We are looking into alternative ways to authenticate from Zendesk, and will update this article accordingly.


  1. Get your CustomerGauge API details
    In your Admin menu, you can find a sub menu called API IP White List. Copy the API key you found in the top section.

  2. To allow API calls to be made from Zendesk, please contact CustomerGauge support to add the following Zendesk's IP address to your IP white list.
    Zendesk's IP addresses are continuously being expanded upon, and can be found on Zendesk's support article.


  • Create your Zendesk Target Extension
  • Create your Zendesk Trigger
    • In the Admin menu, go to the Business Rules section
    • Click Triggers
    • Click Add trigger button
    • Add Trigger dialog
      • Title: you can put any title that you want, for the purpose of this tutorial we will give it a title called Ticket Solved - Send CustomerGauge survey
      • In the Meet all of the following conditions section
        • Select Ticket Status from the drop down
        • Select Solved from the drop down
    • In the Perform these actionssection
      • Select Notifications: Notify Target
      • Select the Send CustomerGauge survey target from the drop down
      • In the XML body, you can put the XML payload. The final XML payload will be determined by what was setup during your account implementation – your CustomerGauge Customer Success Manager will help you with this. For this tutorial, we will put the following XML
      • Click Create trigger

All done, Congratulations! From now on every time a ticket has been solved it will trigger sending of an NPS survey to the ticket requester.