There are times when you might want to change data that has already loaded to the CustomerGauge system. This may because an error was made in the load process or you just need to change one of the segment values because your business has changed.

Essentially any data in the system can be changed via the CustomerGauge API. There are lots of commands in the API that allows to to load/delete/update/view data in the system 

See here for the details of what can be done with the API: 

There are two options for using the API:

1. You Customer Success Manager can arrange for the change to be made on your behalf but because this is something that you can do yourself, there is normally a charge for making this service.

2. You can make the change directly using the API. 

Your IT support group will be able to use the API without difficultly but it can be difficult to work with for non-technical users. 

However, there are a number of tools that you can use to access the API in a simple way. One example is Postman.  

Note that the tool (Postman) is unsupported by CustomerGauge – it is only offered it as an option.

In all cases though, please take care in using the API as it is very powerful.