File - POST Transactions Activity


This API is ideal for uploading the number of Receipt Transactions, Login Sessions, or Support Ticket in the case of an anonymous survey.  Depending on the requirement, the transaction record can be broken down into granular details. For example, number of daily/weekly/monthly support tickets for transactional/relationship touchpoint.

This function is designed to allow upload of a single data file directly into CustomerGauge. 

Resource Information

Response formats JSON (default), XML
Response family file
Header Authorization: api_key XXXXX

Resource URL

Production Server:


Key Data Description
file Documents/file_name.xml Automatically provided when POST-ing a file through HTTP protocol.

Upload File Example Request

cURL Example curl -F “file=@LOCAL_LOCATION/file_name.xml” “"

Example Result

Data states if successful or not. Message reported on successful operation:



Message reported on failed operation:


{"Error":{"Message":"This upload has already been processed","Code":400103}}



  • Datetime is required and in YYYY-mm-dd H : i : s format.
  • Please contact your CSM for the upload mapping (customer specific)