Depending on your organisation's processes, you might require additional workflow options beyond our standard Fire-Fighting offering (three levels: "OPEN", "PROGRESS", "CLOSE".) - this might be useful if you have a more complex process, or wish to analyse cases after a close. 

CustomerGauge can offer up to 99 status levels on these status. We don't think anyone needs beyond 7 but it's possible to really map out your process. This is an optional available on our "Enterprise" system. 

Extra Case Statuses

A new survey response can open a case in CustomerGauge based on pre-set rules (more information on that here), and by default this case can be set from Open to Progress to Closed. If required, additional case statuses can be added. In the following examples, the statuses 'Contacted' and 'Answered' have been added to the default statuses, but any case statuses relevant to your company may be set up.


Under the Firefighting > Task Details section of CustomerGauge, you will find an overview of all cases and their current status, allowing you a high-level view in order to keep track of how your organisation is doing:

Assigned Cases

Keep track of how many cases each of your agents is working on, and how far they have progressed with each case, using the Assigned Cases report. You will also be able to see any unassigned cases, so that no customer response falls through the cracks:

Please note: extending your workflow with additional case statuses does involve some professional services setup time - and may incur an additional cost, please consult your Sales Rep or Customer Success Manager for more information.