The APIs in our 4.1 API Suite are REST-based, and can be outputted in XML or JSON.


What do you need to get started?

1. Authentication

The recommended method of authentication is OAuth2. To authenticate through OAuth2, you'll need to use the Connected Apps (Setup → Integration → Connected Apps).

Unfortunately, some platforms do not support OAuth2 authentication to call (to them) external platforms. In those cases, you would need an API Key; you can find your API Key in the Admin section of your CustomerGauge system.

2. General API URL (based on your location):

3. Method type definition:

  • Get Method: Use this method to get (export) data from the CustomerGauge system.
  • Post Method: Use this method to upload (import) data to the CustomerGauge system.
  • Put Method: Use this method to update data already existing in the CustomerGauge system
  • Delete Method: Use this method to delete data from the CustomerGauge System

How do I know which API to use?

If you're exploring to see what APIs we offer, we recommend having a look at our Overview of 4.1 APIs.

Alternatively, you can check the API 4.1 Directory for the different categories of APIs (i.e. File, Stream, etc). These pages provide an explanation of the category, and will then link you to the relevant specific APIs.