This API allows you to delete a non-response record by CG-ID.

Good to know


Be careful using this API. It will delete records from the main database – but a copy is kept.

In the event that you mistakenly delete some records, they can be restored, but Professional Services costs may be incurred.

API response format:

Our APIs return data in either JSON or XML format (depending on request by .json or .xml).

About this API

Resource Information

Response formats
JSON (default), XML
HTTP method
Response family
Authorization: api_key XXXXX

Resource URL

Europe Production Server:

US Production Server:

Australia Production Server:

How to call


CustomerGauge id (this is the record number)
Example Values: 12

Example Request

To call this API through cURL:

curl -H "Authorization: api_key XXXXX" -X DELETE -d id=12

Example Result

Message reported on successful operation:

  "Data": {
    "id": 12

Message reported on failed operation:

  "Error": {
    "Message": "Record does not exist",
    "Code": 400002

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