This function is designed to allow upload of new Self-select reasons that can be used in your survey directly to CustomerGauge. Each self-select reason has its unique reason code.

Resource Information

Response formatsJSON (default), XML
Response familyreasons
Authorization: api_key XXXXX

Resource URL

Europe Production Server:


Post data as key value based on upload mapping.

POST Data Example

 Key Data
good_badpos or neg
category_mainCustomer Support
labelCustomer Support

Example Request

cURL examplecurl -X POST -d position=0 -d good_bad=pos -d category_main=”Customer Support” -d level=1 -d label=”Customer Support”

Example Result

Data contains reason code. Message reported on successful operation:


Message reported on failed operation:

1{"Error":{"Message":"Record not inserted. Something went wrong. Please check your data.","Code":400604}}



  • Position refers to the position/order that particular self-select reason should appear at with respect to all the self-select options.
  • good_bad controls if this particular reason should show for promoter or detractor. Options that can be used are pos for promoter and neg for detractor and passive.
  • category_main is the category under which this level falls under. To place a Level 2 under a particular Level 1 issue you will need to use the name category_main naming.
  • level – sets whether this issue is a level 1 or 2. The options that can be used are 1 for Level 1 Self-Select Issue and 2 for Level 2 Self-Select Issue. To place a Level 2 under a particular Level 1 issue you will need to use the name category main naming.
  • label – Refers to the label name shown on the survey for the self-select reasons.